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The Benefits of Solar Installation

The System Pays for Itself

The average consumer in the United States recoups the installation costs in about 6.5 years.

Lower Energy Bills

By generating and storing your electricity, you’re free of exorbitant light bills.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reducing your dependence on coal power improves your carbon footprint.

Resistance to Inflation,

Solar energy is a fantastic hedge against inflation.

Increase Home Value

Homes with solar panels sell for approximately 4 percent higher on average than homes without solar energy

30% Tax Credit

You may be eligible for a Tax credit depending on your state.


Be eligible for a tax credit & save thousands of dollars

Do you pay federal taxes? If so, you are eligible for a federal tax credit when you transition to solar power. You can receive 30% of the total cost of your solar power system in the form of a federal tax credit. State and local incentives may also apply.

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